10, Jul 2024

Eurobike 2024 Ends Perfectly, Safe Cycling Never Stops!

Dear friends, Eurobike 2024 has come to a wonderful end, but the flame of our passion is still burning strongly! "Cycling is a way of life, a habit, an addiction. Loving the state of being on th

30, Nov 2023

Spirit Sports-ISPO Munich 2023

SPIRIT SPORTS (SHENZHEN) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Celebrates Successful Exhibition at ISPO Munich 2023 Munich, Nov 30, 2023 - SPIRIT SPORTS (SHENZHEN) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, a leading manufacturer of hi

25, Jun 2023

2023 EUROBIKE Exhibition

EUROBIKE is one of the largest and most important bicycle trade shows in the world, attracting bicycle manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and industry professionals from around the globe. As a si

01, Dec 2022

Spirit Sports - ISPO Munich 2022

Spirit Sports - ISPO Munich 2022   From November 28th to 30th, the three-day ISPO Munich 2022 exhibition ended perfectly. Come together again to showcase and experience product innovations and

14, Jan 2022

Meaning of Chinese New Year

        Time files, we will be on Chinese New Year holiday in less than two weeks. Even though, the world includes China still under shade of Covid-19, everybody is excited to embr

23, Sep 2021

Healthy cycling

Monologue of a helmetI am not as gorgeous as a sun hat, nor as soft as a woolen hat, but I have a firm belief in "sacrifice myself and protect others". I have many brothers and sisters, and we were bo

11, Feb 2020


SPIRIT SPORTS ISPO SHOW FOR 2020   January 26-29, 2020. The whole world of sports in one place - ISPO Munich. More than 2,800 exhibitors showcased their latest sports products, covering snow

25, Feb 2019


From February 3rd to 6th, 2019, we were fully prepared to successfully complete the long-awaited 2019 Munich ISPO Grand Sports Exhibition. This made the world witness the corporate culture of SPIRIT S

15, Sep 2021

Regarding the importance of helmets: turning an accidental fall into a gorgeous landing

I have seen some Thai commercials before, and I think they are exaggerated and funny, but I have to say they are very creative. Until I saw the public service advertisement of the Thailand Health P

21, Sep 2018


SPIRIT SPORTS ISPO SHOW FOR 2019 From February 3rd –6th 2019 more than 2,800 exhibitors will be presenting their latest sports products from segments such as Snowsports, Outdoor, H

08, Sep 2021

How to maintain mountain bike helmet?

How to maintain mountain bike helmet?Many cyclists believe that a new mountain bike helmet doesn't need maintenance, but even a new helmet can't withstand the oxidation of time and the shine will b

21, Apr 2018

Customer testimony

Spiritsports is the Leisure helmet/bicycle helmet manufacturer. Fine production technology, comprehensive certification, hospitality, let us like the company, we will continue to cooperate, an


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