How to maintain mountain bike helmet?

Many cyclists believe that a new mountain bike helmet doesn't need maintenance, but even a new helmet can't withstand the oxidation of time and the shine will become less and less. Some helmets stink, the result of poor helmet care. Today I will share with you the simple maintenance of mountain bike helmet.

Helmet shell: Remember to wipe the helmet surface with a cotton cloth dipped in water every time you return from your ride. The choice of fabric should not be too hard, too hard fabric is easy to scratch the helmet shell. If possible, you can also wipe it with alcohol or apply some car wax to the outer shell. This makes it more shiny.

The sheen of the helmet will be eroded by the surrounding sources of sunlight, rain, dust and other pollution, causing it to lose its original luster. First, cyclists are advised not to go out when the sun is highest, i.e. noon, morning and evening are best.

Helmet foam: Does not require constant maintenance. If the dent has a shallower part, we can use a smooth object to press the protruding part tightly around the dent, and push the high part down so that it matches the dent.

Helmet lining: It is recommended to clean the helmet lining every time you return from a ride. When removing the lining, do not use too much force to remove it, so that it is easy to tear off the Velcro behind the lining. Once you tear it off and paste it again, it won't work. It can even tear the lining.

It should be noted that the removed lining can not be cleaned by washing machine, let alone brushed with a brush, because it is easy to deform the lining and lose its elasticity. At this time, we just need to soak the lining in water containing washing powder or detergent for a few minutes, rub it with your hands several times, and then rinse it off with water. Isn't that easy?

Do you have any ideas on how to maintain mountain bike helmets?




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