Monologue of a helmet
I am not as gorgeous as a sun hat, nor as soft as a woolen hat, but I have a firm belief in "sacrifice myself and protect others". I have many brothers and sisters, and we were born to protect people's safety. Wearing us will give you an extra layer of protection when you ride. Our responsibility is sacred and arduous: to hold up a safety umbrella for the people!

Whether in a big city or in the suburbs. Cycling is a fun, healthy and effective way to travel. Nowadays, there are more and more people riding electric bicycles and motorcycles, which is convenient but also has potential safety hazards. In fact, many people understand the importance of wearing a helmet, but there are always various reasons in real life:

It's not good to wear a helmet

Forgot to bring

Crushed hairstyle


(N many reasons are omitted here)

But are these reasons more important than life?

Even though there are tens of thousands of reasons for not wearing a helmet, there is only one reason for wearing a helmet: helmets can protect people's safety.

Traffic safety tips

Related data show that motorcycles, electric bicycles, and cars are the vehicles that cause the most traffic accidents. About 80% of the deaths of motorcycles and electric bicycle drivers are caused by head injury. Scientific research shows that if a safety helmet is worn correctly, the helmet can absorb most of the impact energy when an accident occurs, reducing the head injury caused by the accident.

It’s important to wear a good helmet

Is it safe to wear a helmet casually?


Helmet not fastened = safety is not fastened

It is also important to fasten the helmet webbing!

1. The webbing must be worn when wearing the helmet. If the webbing is not fastened, or if it is fastened too loosely, once the helmet is hit, the helmet will easily bounce out and it will not be able to protect it.

2. When choosing a helmet, you should choose a helmet with the size of your own head, too large or too small will not provide effective protection.

You have to choose the helmet like this↓

①There are certification standards
②Measure the head circumference, the size of the helmet is suitable for you
③There are some night-time reflective or warning stickers
④There is a certain degree of air permeability, not too stuffy
⑤Ensure a good vision when wearing
Helmets for cyclists
Equivalent to a seat belt worn by a motor vehicle driver
It is the last line of defense after a person encounters danger

Wearing a helmet is not only for your own safety, but also for the happiness of your family!

Please wear a helmet consciously

Healthy cycling

Safe return




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