IPQC Control



The in-process quality control (IPQC) is in order to prevent the shipmentof batch unqualified, to avoid the flow of nonconforming products into the next process, in the production assembly process to eliminate confusion or quality specifications are not comply with standards.



After the materials
prepare for production, the production-line set-upped ready.
First inspection
the products meet the requirments of the S.O.P. and specification, after 
confirmed it can be keep for the first of golden samples for mass production.
Self inspection
the wokers following the first product with self-check in production line in 
each 5pcs, to see whether the products is comply with standards.



Routing inspection 
IPQC to monitor the working stations for production line, every hours take 
records for assembly status, and inspect the parts, contructions, apprearance…
Final inspection
when a batch of products is finished, before it turns to next program, FQC 
need to comprehensive inspection for each speicification and standards.




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