Customized Design



For design a new helmet, how to do marketing research to fasten the marketing trends?
How to balance and reduce the budget for tooling/molds? 
Is the design can be best price ratio and cost-effective? 
Need all parts/process under control and with reliable quality? 
All above, we can bring you the customized service to meet your expectations.





With over 18 years of engineering experience, we are quite close to integrated with latest techniques and always close to update information to create the helmets Ideas. Just send us your direction of what you want to go!



We always support you to create the helmets final styles with features you want achieve!!! Our ID designer support to provide 2-3 ID sketches design until it revised and final selected to your requirements, we believe you will like one!




Any more professional service need on create the final design??? Dont worry!

Based on the final ID sketch and listed features, our professional engineers working with the software of the Pro/Engineer, UG (Unigraphics NX), Solid Worksto create the detailed constructions and convert each part realize the final mechanical design





With the strict and sincere attitude and a high sense of responsibility, the R&D engineers will convert the 3D design into the prototypes. During the product development our team verify and evaluate each parts of construction/functions/process…combine with customers final comments into final conclusion, with the know-how to make amendment and improvement to produce 3D prototypes within 10-15 days. Need cost down solution? Need perfect molding performance? No problem, we will work out for you! We adopt with 3D Rapid printing and CNC Prototype of machinery, with the highly output of accurate datas on processing, always help the customer get the 100% accurate  design realization. 






Our mold designers, focused on the helmet industry has more than 20 years, we are familiar with the mold design structure, process know-how and products different materials to produce under different conditions.We always help you to make final solution to ensure that the provision of professional helmets and accessories to help you improve the productivity, quality and stability and extend the life of the mold!







For more inquiry or need more support,please leave the message and write down your contact information,we will get back to you soon!