BOA Fit System



Tuned and tested to the highest standards, BOA fit systems provide the ultimate fit experience so you can focus on what matters most! Varying in size, design, and interface, the dial fine tunes fit with precision, allows for quick release, and never settles on performance.



BOA makes it easy to dial in the perfect fit, bringing you closer to your helmet for improved agility, response, and control.Instant Micro-adjustments provide enduring precision and a custom fit that improves performance-anytime, anywhere.





With instant, single-handed fine tuning as precise as 1mm, you can easily adjust for comfort or a more targeted performance without ever losing focus. Once dialed in, the BOA Fit System stays that way. At the mountain, on the course, on the road, or on the job, BOA gives you a secure fit that makes it easy to get your gear on and off quickly no matter the conditions.

The highly recommend of BOA Fit System to minimizing friction and improving fit in a way that  wasn’t possible before, Spirit Sports team could support you to make it realizein your new design helmet, please think the way of how to improve your helmets level, just try it!



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