In the warmer months, many children play outside, enjoying the sun and outdoor activities. Cycling, ice skating, skateboarding and scooter are all ways for kids to do much-needed exercise outdoors. When carrying out these activities, children must wear appropriate protective equipment, especially helmets.

The brain is the most important part of the human body, it controls our breathing, heartbeat and how we think, reason and so on. Children's brains constantly learn, change and grow. This is why the head should be protected? A severe blow to the head may lead to so-called "cranium trauma". A wound on the head does not necessarily cause permanent trauma, but it is best to avoid hitting as much as possible.

California helmet law?
California law requires all children under the age of 18 to wear a helmet if they perform any activity on non-motorized wheels. This includes:
ride a bicycle
Roller skating
Riding a scooter
Cycling trailer

skate helmet

Does the helmet really work?
According to statistics, there are approximately 275,000 non-fatal bicycle injuries each year involving children, and an average of approximately 690 children are injured every day. Children aged 0-14 use roller skates to injured an average of 38,155 people each year. Studies have shown that bicycle helmets can prevent 75% of fatal head injuries and 85% of non-fatal craniocerebral injuries among children injured in cycling.

It is estimated that if a child wears a bicycle helmet every time he rides a bicycle, he can prevent 135-155 deaths, 39,000-45,000 head injuries and 18,000-55,000 head and face injuries. Although the key factor is to avoid accidents, the simple act of wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the possibility of serious injury.

Not all helmets are the same. Make sure to read the fine print on the box to ensure that the helmet is suitable for the activity you intend to use and that it complies with all necessary safety regulations. Ensuring that the helmet is properly installed is as important as wearing a helmet. Improperly installed helmets cannot provide protection.

Will wearing a helmet prevent all bicycle / skateboard(skate helmet) / scooter / skateboard accidents? no. But wearing a helmet can protect the child's head from huge impact.
The helmet is designed to be broken in a crash and cannot be reused. Just like airbags and car seats, they need to be replaced once they have finished protecting the rider.




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