Some time ago, a short video of a "worker's crispy hard hat" fired. In the video, a worker's master collided with two safely helmet and one of the helmets split directly. This video caused people's attention to the quality of first-line construction workers' helmets. What is the quality of the helmet? Can you reassure workers?
The quality of helmets worn by workers is not uniform
Research experts visited a number of construction sites and found that the quality of helmets worn by workers at various project sites was uneven. A variety of warnings about safety production can be seen at almost every site, but the styles of helmets worn by workers at various construction sites vary. Why do you have different styles of helmets? The construction site project is basically a unified procurement. Due to the subcontracting of the project, some grassroots construction teams will save money everywhere, including labor insurance products such as helmets.
Hard hats are not necessarily safe, the problem is worrying
Commonly used sport helmet safety and standards are based on the standard GB/T2812-2006, which requires safety helmet materials, basic technical performance, and routine inspection items.
After the expert's test, some inferior helmets in the choice of materials, the design of the lining can not meet the requirements of the national standard, when impact, can not produce deformation and dispersion stress in time. If these products are selected, once an accident occurs during construction, it will cause great damage to the user's head, causing a concussion and a life-threatening situation.
The helmet is not safe and people are extremely scared. Hard hats with low cost and low quality bring various hidden dangers and expose the chaos of safe labor insurance products. It is hoped that local authorities will strictly investigate the "crusty" helmets in accordance with the law to ensure that the quality of the helmets is excellent and support a frontier worker for a safe sky. Spree once again called for contractors not to buy low-quality and cheap helmets in order to save money in the daily construction process, out of fear of life and respect for life.




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