For cyclists, a attractive bicycle helmets must be worn when going out. However, after exposure to the sun and rain and the number stickers, the helmet will inevitably get older. However, the helmet was dirty, smelly, and even had dents on the edge of the EPS in the inner layer. This is caused by improper maintenance.

First of all, maintaining the gloss of the helmet shell is a contradictory issue, because the gloss of the bicycle helmet is due to the sun's ultraviolet rays and the surrounding dust attached to our helmet during daily riding, making it lose its former glory. Although we cannot avoid it, at least we have to find a way to make the gloss more durable.

Please remember that bicycle helmets should not be exposed to the highest sunlight. Another thing is to wipe the surface of the helmet with a cotton cloth dipped in water or alcohol every time you come back to remove the stains and dust on the surface of the helmet (never wipe the helmet shell with a hard cloth). You can also put some wax on the helmet to make it more shiny.

For the inner shell EPS, there is no need for frequent maintenance, but over time, there will be dents where there is no outer shell on the edge, which is not as smooth as before. For places where the recess is not deep, we can use the handle of a screwdriver to gently press the recessed area around the recess.

Remember to use a screwdriver to select the round bar and press it back and forth. For those places with deep depressions, we use mosquito coils to drive away mosquitoes. We light up the mosquito coil first, and then use the lighted part to bake the recessed part. EPS foams when it gets hot. Seeing that the sunken area is parallel to the same place, remove the mosquito coil.

It is recommended that you clean the helmet lining every time you return from a ride. When removing the inner lining, do not pull it too hard, as it will be easy to tear off the Velcro. The disassembled lining cannot be washed in a washing machine, nor can it be brushed. This easily deforms the inner liner and loses its elasticity. Just soak it in water with detergent or detergent for a few minutes, rub it with your hands a few times, then rinse it off with water and dry it.

The helmet is the witness that accompanies us through every memorable journey. As a must-have, the most attractive bicycle helmet, it is very stressful. So, for your wallet and its light, please treat it normally.




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