The function of the bicycle helmet to protect the life of the rider is unquestionable. According to a report from the US Highway Safety Insurance Study, 98% of the number of bicycle deaths in the United States in 1999 did not wear a helmet, and those wearing helmets in a crash accident reduced the risk factor for serious head injuries by 85%. With the increase in hard asphalt roads and stone roads, the number of head injuries during cycling has increased. The riding helmets are essential for the rider because they provide protection for the fragile head.

Identify the seven characteristics of the pros and cons of the Bike Helmets

Texture- good density
Helmets are typically cast from foamed materials (common or high-density, the difference between the two being their anti-collision effect) and have a smooth shell surface.
weight - light
The things that are pressed against the head can't be too heavy, which is why the cycling helmet doesn't use alloy material; most helmets weigh between 9-16 ounces (1 ounce ≈ 31.1 grams), and some are even lighter. ! Note: Most cheap helmets are heavy.
lining - washable
Helmet features such as washable corduroy fabric or antimicrobial padding keep your helmet clean and refreshed. The well-engineered helmet has a large lining coverage, a better texture, and a stronger bond to the inside of the helmet. The velcro on the back of the lining can facilitate the cleaning of the lining. Just soak it in the laundry or wash it. A few minutes in the fine water, then rub it with your hand a little, then rinse it with water and dry it.

breathable- feel dry
Keep your head dry while riding long distances. The more vents on the helmet, the more airflow around the head and the cooler you feel. Cheap helmets have only a few ventilation ports and are hot. However, keep in mind that the more vents on the helmet, the more your head is exposed, so the degree of protection is reduced. It is recommended to wear a “anti-sweat band” on your head during hot weather to prevent sweat from flowing into your eyes. In the cold season, wear "protective earmuffs" or wear a thin, elastic headscarf to keep warm inside.
category - meet the riding needs
The semi-helmet riding helmet is divided into road-specific (no hat), road and mountain (with detachable hat). There are also friends who use helmets similar to baseball or roller skating. The full-helmet riding helmet is similar to a motorcycle helmet and is generally used by downhill or climbing car enthusiasts. Therefore, the category you choose also determines the price of the helmet to some extent.
Design sense- humanization
There are different types of helmets, and some have a plastic visor on the front to protect the glasses from the sun and rain. The helmet with the brim can protect the sun, and the reflective logo on the helmet can prevent accidental collision when riding at night. The more eye-catching the night, the easier it is for a car or other rider to see you.
For helmet riders, you should also pay attention to whether it can be adjusted. Whether the helmet straps on both sides of the helmet will reach the ears, whether the helmet is tight or not, this will have an impact on your riding safety.





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