BOA and MIPS collaborate on new helmet safety system

BOA Technology and MIPS have announced a collaboration on the MIPS B-series Boa, a new fit and safety system for helmets


The integrated technology, soon to be visible on booth FW-100 at Eurobike, is designed to work together to create a solution that provides superior fit and added protection to athletes in bike and snow.

The MIPS B-series Boa allows for the Boa Fit System to connect directly to the MIPS Low Friction Layer (LFL), rather than attaching in a stationary fashion to the helmet. This new method of integration with Boa improves the fit of the MIPS liner, making it the latest evolution in 360-degree fit systems.

“A helmet that fits well is ideal for maximizing safety, and Boa brings the leading fit component to bike and snow helmets,” says Johan Thiel, CEO of MIPS. “We are excited to team up and offer brand partners a joint system that optimizes integration and assembly, and ultimately provides great protection for the rider.”

“MIPS is as dedicated to head and brain protection as Boa is to making the worlds’ best gear better through improved fit and performance,” says Shawn Neville of Boa Technology. “We are fortunate to partner with a like-minded company such as MIPS who is also passionate about creating meaningful, innovative solutions for our brand partners and consumers.”

MIPS B-series Boa will be available to brand partners immediately and to consumers over the following model year.

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